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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 11, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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pupo. it was originally created for the burning manifest value. this is the last time it will thrill the crowds. it will get broken down and stored away. the builders say they have new ideas for another sculpture that will be made out of junk and also shooting out fire. >> time 16:-- time is 6:57. let's get to sal. >> it's closed highway 92. closed between 1 and 35 because of a major crash. we'll physical low that on mornings -- we'll follow that on mornings on 2. and also the traffic will be busy on pacifica too. let's go back to rosemary. we have a nice warmup in store for your afternoon. once again temperatures anywhere from 2-4 degrees above what we felt yesterday. this morning i'm tracking a little bit of patchy fog and cool temperatures. i'll have an extended look at those numbers coming up. coming up first on the scene of san jose's ninth
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homicide of the year. a gruesome death at a san francisco bart station that many questions surrounding the grim discovery.
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>> reporter: a gruesome deadly accident at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station. we'll tell you what one man was doing right before he was killed. >> reporter: this neighborhood has turned into a crime scene after neighbors find a man shot to death in the middle of the street. we'll tell you what police think may have led up to the shooting. we're following developing news from afghanistan. new deadly attacks targeting u.s. troops. a major crash in half moon bay has one of the major roads in and out of the area blocked. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday march 11th. we want to go right to sal following a serious crash on highway 92. >> this crash is blocking all of the lanes on 92 between 35 and 1. they are doing an
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investigate, major injuries. a person taken away, taken to stanford hospital. but highway 92 is shut down between upper skyline and half moon bay. what a lot of people are doing, they are using highway 1 to get up to pacifica. if you drive up to pacifica on highway 1, you will see a lot more people doing that or down to 84. i think most people will get on highway 1 and head up past devil's slide and into pacifica. this means a big commute there. we'll let you know if this opens. but it will be a while, so says chp. another traffic update in minutes. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. b.a.r.t. police are investigating a disturbing incident at the montgomery street station. they say a passenger was riding inside an elevator when he heard a man scream. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is there with more on what firefighters found when they arrived. tara? >> reporter: yeah. this is a very gruesome scene, as you can imagine. we're here at the montgomery
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b.a.r.t. station. behind me is an elevator. it's not the elevator where it happened but if we pan over to the right, that's where the elevator is located. we saw the elevator boarded u it's not in service until further know -- boarded up. it's not in service until further notice. police responded to a person stuck in the shaft. police say he was going from the muni floor up, he heard something. >> he heard a crunching noise and the elevator stalled before it reached the concourse level. that's how he was aware somebody was trapped and he sullenned help. >> reporter: police found bedding and personal belongs on top of the elevator car. they believe the man was homeless and had been sleeping there and slipped off into the shaft and was crushed. there is a video camera right
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outside the elevator that might provide authorities with clues about how he got in there and how long he had been in there. police have not released his identity. we're hoping to learn more. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. one person is dead in unincorporated discovery bay after getting hit by a car early this morning. it happened in the eastbound lanes on newport drive shortly after 12:30. all lanes were shut down during the investigation. developing news ktvu was first on the scene of a homicide this morning in san jose. a man was shot. his body was found on murtha drive and capital avenue, right near capital expressway. alex savidge has been there since 4:30. and you have new information, alex. >> reporter: dave, police are
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investigating the possibility there was some kind of a fight that led up to this killing. a 30-year-old hispanic man was found shout in the middle of the street on murtha drive, a block up from where we are, right off capital avenue. police got this 911 call just before 4:30 this morning. a neighbor leaving for work spotted the man's body in the street. officers showed up just minutes later. they found the victim here with a gunshot wound to the chest. he was pronounced dead at this scene. police believe the man did live in this neighborhood although it's unclear at this point why he was targeted. a lieutenant told us that neighbors did report a disturbance or an argument of some kind in this area around 2:00 a.m. that was just hours before this man's body was discovered. police think there is a connection. >> based on earlier reports, we believe there was an argument about 2:00 this morning and now we find a body in the same area. we believe everything happened
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here. >> reporter: so far, the victim in this case has not been identified by police. at this point, at least investigators are not releasing any information, if they have any information, about the shooter, they are looking for in this case. this is, by the way, the ninth homicide of the year so far here in san jose. live in san jose, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a san jose congressman is working on new legislation that would affect same-sex couples. according to a ucla study, there are 40,000 same-sex couples in the u.s. where at least one partner is not a citizen. 25% of these couples live in california. right now the government will not let set zins sponsor their same-sex partner for a green card. mike honda hopes to reverse that. san francisco city college is nearing a key deadline in its fight to keep its accreditation. city officials -- rather, college officials, have until friday to address all of the
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recommendations made by a commission that identified 14 deficiencies in city college management. a final decision is expected in june. if the school does lose its accreditation, it could be forced to close. 7:06. sonoma county may get an harassment law to protect bicyclists. it would make it easier for bike riders and pedestrians to sue people who threaten or harass them. this comes from bike advocates who say they've been targeted by aggressive drivers. the board will talk about it tomorrow. the ordinance needs a majority vote. an official formal vote could follow at that next meeting on march 19th. 7:07. we want to check in with sal. a big problem in half moon bay and the rest of the commute. >> that's right. the half moon bay is throwing people off. highway 92 closed between 1 and 35. upper skyline, because of an
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injury crash near highway 92 at 1. it's going to be closed until further notice. more people are on highway 1. we checked in. there seems to be more cars on highway 1. you will see a lot of slow traffic in this area, especially in half moon bay as people are somewhat confused coming up on the intersection. this is the area that you need to avoid. if we're looking at other parts of the bay, vallejo, pinole, westbound 80 to western -- westbound 80 to westbound contra costa county. southbound 680 from concord to pleasant hill and walnut creek, that traffic is moderate. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound. that's backed up to the macarthur maze. metering lights are on. no major problems. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. 7:08. let's go to rosemary.
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dry, unseasonably dry weather. partly cloudy skies. calm conditions. not even enough lift for that flag above the tribune tower and cold. walnut creek, 38 for you. mid- to upper 30s in novato, napa, santa rosa, fairfield now, 35 degrees. also dealing with a little bit of fog over parts of the valley in and along the valley floor along highway 101. santa rosa, pet lieu mow, anywhere from a -- petaluma, anywhere from a .25 to .50. also seeing patchy fog along the san mateo coastline. around the bay area, widespread 40s, 47 san francisco, 44 in hayward as we see along the peninsula here. a little bit of a closer view, 47 in belmont, menlo park, 38. 39 for palo alto. down into the south bay, we're looking at 40 degrees saratoga, 46 san jose. one last stop inland east bay, 39 for you. san ramon, 46 degrees in
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pittsburg. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will be warming over yesterday's high. a minor warmup. the view showing you that ridge of high pressure strengthening over california. keeping the rain to the north, we will remain dry for the week ahead. allow me to show you what happens here. there's the storm track, too far north to get us wet. into tuesday, here comes the next system. not going to get us wet. wednesday, this ridge of high pressure is going to peak. so will the temperatures. by thursday, we do begin to see rain closer to the coast. not going to get us wet. that will bring us high clouds. thursday. friday, dry, partly cloudy, and dry. temperatures will start to trend downward, be on the mild side for your weekend. today, slightly warmer, cool morning. patchy fog. temperatures in the afternoon, low 60s at the coast with patchy fog. early on and then mostly sunny skies for the second half of the day. low 70s for the warmest areas. there's the extended forecast. pretty much laid it out for
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you. but take a look. mid-70s to upper 70s by wednesday when the afternoon highs warm up, the lows will follow suit. wednesday, thursday, friday, into your weekend, partly cloudy skies. dry conditions, upper 60s to near 70 degrees for the afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. 7:10. well, the storm in the sierra last week brought crowds to california ski resorts this weekend. operators at heavenly say they got 26 inches of new snow from the storm and the slopes were packed. the ski season got off to a good start after a powerful storm. resort operators are hoping for more snow and business this month. 7:11. students and staff at cal poly pomona, they are being warned. a student may have exposed them to tuberculosis. public health officials notified officials that a student might have become infected with tampa bay with
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-- infected tuberculosis. a crowded and loud school board meeting in union city last tuesday when more than 200 people came together to debate changing the name of all vara doe -- alvarado middle school. one side wanted it be chino. the board is expected to make a decision on march 19th. time is just turning up to 7:12. a new development overnight in afghanistan, two u.s. troops were killed in an insider attack. what happened and what the defense department is saying this morning. also -- an unusual reason there is expected to be a work shortage among farm laborers in california this spring.
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warmer weather is tracking into the bay area. all right. thank you, rosemary. 7:14. two separate deadly attacks in afghanistan today leave two u.s. troops dead. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom where she's just heard back from the department of defense. kyla? >> reporter: i have been told that chuck hagel had already left afghanistan when she is two deadly shootings -- when these two deadly shootings happened today. nato officials confirm two u.s. troops were killed in eastern afghanistan today in a shooting at a police station. three other nato and afghan service members were also killed. they say somebody wearing an
7:18 am
afghan national security services uniform opened fire. it's not known if he was an actual security service officer off someone just wearing the uniform. they are not releasing names yet until the next of kin is notified. the second shooting happened hours later and 75 miles away outside of the capital of kabul. a u.s. spokesperson says a truck was approaching a u.s. convoy and the driver was not following instructions given wipe u.s. troops. the troops opened fire and killed two afghan civilians. right now, the department of defense is not releasing any further details about either incident. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. one of the men accused in a gang rape and fatal beating of a woman in india is now dead. he was found dead inside his jail cell. police say he hanged himself with his own clothes.
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however, his lawyer and family believe he was killed. singh was accused of driving the bus on -- on which a 23- year-old woman was raped by six men in december. she died after police say the men beat her and left her on the side of the road. the mexican navy freed immigrants. according to the navy, 91 men and 13 women were rescued in the border city. two immigrants were from el salvador. the rest were from honduras. central american immigrants are frequent targets of kidnapping and extortion as they pass through mexico on their way to the u.s. 7:17. california's agricultural industry dealing with the labor shortage as farm workers living in the state get older and fewer come in to place them. 70% of the producers expect a
7:20 am
worker shortage starting this spring. now, aging farm workers here in california say their children are just not interested in fieldwork. tougher immigration enforcement means fewer workers coming in from mexico. well, police have arrested a man who held up a store at a contra costa county mall. it happened last night at about 7:00 at sun valley mall in concord. police say a man with a knife stole merchandise from a store and then ran away. claycord is reporting it was the chic shoe store. police arrested the suspect off diamond boulevard and did recover the stolen goods. a man in watsonville held a ruler at gunpoint until police got there -- prowler at gunpoint until police got there. it turns out he was a former friend of the homeowner's sister. some wonder why he was in the
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shed. if you have any information, call the police. 7:18. the central california big cat sanctuary where a woman was killed by an african lion last week is back open this morning. yesterday, visitors walked around the cat haven near fresno where a 24-year-old intern was killed. her mother wrote a letter yesterday saying her daughter would have wanted the sanctuary to reopen and continue the mission to help big cats. the employees there held a moment of silence in her honer. new information in a murder case in an olympic star charged with killing his girlfriend. lawyers for oscar pistorius want a australian court to make changes in his -- south afterfry dan court to make changes in his -- south african court to make changes in his bail. they argue he's not a flight risk. he says he mistakenly shot his
7:22 am
girlfriend in his home last month believing she was an intruder. prosecutors say he intentionally killed her after an argument. 40 feet wide open in pennsylvania, that's already causing cracks in the foundation in their house. they are getting ready to leave. this sinkhole comes after the sinkhole in florida that swallowed up a man while he was in his bed. the pan-starrs comet is visible this week. you don't have to stay up all night trying to see it. the best time to see it, 30 minutes after sunset, about 7:10 p.m. make sure you have binoculars and get a place with a horizon view of the ocean. an arizona couple is
7:23 am
celebrating a very rare event, winning the lottery for a second time. in 1995, diane and carey carmichael won $2.5 million. the retired couple received $125,000 a year. but that's set to expire next year. however, they won't have to worry about money. they just won another $1 million playing powerball. >> it was exciting because it was -- it was my ticket this time. the first time it was his ticket. i got the thrill of saying, i won. >> anyone would love to say that. [laughter] >> after taxes, the couple will receive about $650,000 from the latest win. talk about being hit by lightning. >> talk about a lucky couple. hard to believe, it's still winter. look out our window. it doesn't feel like it. more spring-like weather on the way. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us when the temperatures are expected to
7:24 am
peak this week. the parking rules are changing for meters. how new hours are in effect and how much you will have to pay come game day. if you are driving this morning in the south bay, we're looking at some of the commutes and we'll tell you what it is doing to the drive.
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look at this. a volcano in ecuador shooting lava and ash in the air. this has been shooting ash a mile into the sky since saturday. they are keeping people away, visitors, just to keep themself. it's more than 16,000 feet high, it's about 80 miles south of the capital city of kito. the san francisco giants' worlder is resident tour will
7:27 am
pass through -- world series will pass through and be on display at 2:00 to 4:00 at the joseph fernekes building. now hours will impact meters at third and king streets monday through saturday. the cost of these meters is also going up. it will now cost $7 per hour on giants' game days and other stadium events. first-time drivers will see the increase will be march 17th during the world baseball classic. sal is back. you've been telling us all morning about that mikor problem in the half moon bay area. >> highway 92, highway 1, closure still is in effect here because of the major injury crash. so highway 92 is closed between
7:28 am
upper skyline and highway 1. this accident occurred about an hour and 15 minutes ago on half moon bay, roads highway 92 and maine. this is taking more traffic for highway 1 up to pacific da. this area -- pacifica. this area is good to a void. to livermore, westbound 580 and 205 are a mess. another crash, westbound 580 near airway. it's been a couple of different ones there. your commute is slow in the area. let's take a look at what we have with the live pictures. 25-minute delay before your car gets on the bridge itself. no major problems on the span. in the south bay, 237, we're seeing slow traffic there at zanker road. now, let's go back to rosemary. here comes the sun. a beautiful start to the day. a little bit of patchy fog. afternoon highs will soar above average once again. 74 saint helene non. 72 at novato, 66 by the water
7:29 am
in sausalito along the east bayshoreline, upper 60s to near 70. low 70s near concord, pleasanton, down into the santa clara valley, 71 san jose. 69 in sunnyvale. our last stop, the peninsula, 68 palo alto, 65 san francisco. patchy fog at the coast this morning and for some of our inland valley location, along the coast this afternoon, low 60s. your extended forecast, showing the warming trend continues with the warmest day on wednesday. mid- to upper 40s in the forecast. we'll trend down and remain dry in the weekend. upper 60s to near 70 with your weekend in view. overnight lows not too bad. low 40s in the forecast. a chill remains at this hour. i will have a look at your morning temps -- coming up. we're just one day away from the conclave to choose a new pope. we'll have a live report on the final preparations in rome. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where friends and volunteers are starting to hand
7:30 am
out fliers of a missing 31-year- old oakland woman. we'll bring you the latest on her search coming up. we'll show you how much progress has been made on san francisco's new cruise ship terminal -- when "mornings on 2" continues. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪
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happening now -- volunteers are passing out fliers in
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oakland hoping to find a woman who has been missing for four days. brian flores is at the macarthur b.a.r.t. where volunteers met a few minutes ago. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. friends and volunteers started to gather here at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. their plan is to meet here, spread across different bus stations handing out fliers of this missing 31-year-old woman. her name is erica maskaleris, hoping someone knows something about her disappearance. volunteers started to hand out fliers to anyone that would take them. the flier had her name on it as well as information. she's described as 5'3", 220 pound and was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt, gray sweatpants and gray shoes. family and friends held a vigil. family and friends say her husband recently passed away and she was just starting to rebuild her life. she disappeared while jogging on telegraph.
7:34 am
she recently started to exercise. she was looking forward to catch a flight to see her brother. when she left that morning at 7:00, she never came back. >> she's my daughter. she's been gone too long. it fright bees -- it frightens me. i haven't heard from her. >> reporter: now, the missing woman's mother, glorious torres, says there's -- gloria torres, says there's surveillance video taken of her daughter at a nearby bakery. torres believes the oakland police department is not toking enough to find her -- doing enough to find her. she plans to hand the video to the police department this morning. she's believed -- as we take it back out her like, to have her bankcard, i.d. and cell phone. if you know anything, you are urged to call the police department. woulder's live here in oakland, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. happening now in rome, cardinals from all over the world are meeting for the last time before the start of
7:35 am
tomorrow's conclave to elect a new pope. our reporter craig boswell is live in rome where the preparations are underway. craig? >> reporter: dave, good afternoon from me to you. good morning to you. we're eight hours ahead of you. the 115 cardinals, more than that, today, that have gone into these pre-conclave meetings, they've wrapped up all of these meetings. that's wrapped up. they've discussed all of the things they wanted to discuss over the needs, the needs of the church, crisis facing the church. now, it's onto the conclave that begins tomorrow. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: for the second straight week there was no blessing for pilgrims to the vaticans. the number of tourists in st. peter's square was relatively small on sunday as windows of the papal apartment remains closed. >> translator: it's very different. we're living in a very exceptional time without a pope. >> reporter: cardinals took a break to fan out across rome
7:36 am
and celebrate sunday mass. along with traditional services, the clergymen offered a special praise for their special momentous ahead. >> translator: let us pray for the conlive. i invite you to pray -- conclave. i invite you to pray so the church carries out the mission well. certainly a difficult time but also a joyous one and full of hope. >> reporter: many hope this process moves quickly. >> translator: i really hope we'll have a hope as quickly as possible. >> translator: we hope it's going to take a really short time, that they find a compromise. >> reporter: timothy dolan hints, a decision could come sooner than later. >> i really think it does. a week ago, you would have said, wow. we have a lot of work to do. now you see a sense of resolution, trust and faith. >> reporter: going by recent history, the last couple of
7:37 am
conclaves for pope benedict xvi and pope john paul ii back in '78, it would indicate a two to three-day conclave. in fact, you would have to go back a couple of hundred years to find a conclave more than five days. this all gets underway tomorrow morning when the 115 cardinals will go into the st. peter's basilica for a mass and go into the sis seen chapping at 4 -- sistine chapel at 4:30 rome time and then by 7:30ish rome time, we might know the first results. that's around 11:30 your time. interesting and intriguing times as the conclave gets ground way tomorrow. >> thank you. this week, president obama has tree tripped to capitol hill scheduled to meet with republicans inin' in an effort to resolve the ongoing budget battle. he's still trying to reach a deal to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts.
7:38 am
last week, the president invited the republicans out to dinner and lunch after the the white house -- it's time to start leading and start building relationships. i think he has a great chance to accomplish a great deal. >> the president has reached out more broadly among republicans, which i think is a good thing. in order for us to reach an agreement, everyone has to reach an a compromise -- reach a compromise. >> if an agreement is reached, many of those cuts can be averted before they take effect. even the popular blue angels are being hit by the sequester cuts. the cuts require the navy to cancel all blue angel performs from april 1st to september 30th.
7:39 am
at this point, the blue angels' appearance at fleet week in october is not canceled. san francisco's waterfront could soon become a major hub for the cruise ship industry. kristin kafton is live -- christien kafton is live to tell us more. >> reporter: if you haven't been by san francisco's waterfront, you might be surprised. take a look here. you can see the progress -- progress made on the cruiseship terminal and you can see how the james r. herman terminal is shaping up. we have new video shot in the last hour. when the terminal is completed, it will allow the biggest ocean liners to include san francisco in their ports of call. they will be able to plug into shore power while here. this area will be the centerpiece for the yacht races this year, when the terminal opens to cruise ships, it will be able to accommodate megacruise liners with
7:40 am
thousands of passengers. >> we certainly hope so. this is our flagship location and so we hope the tourists will come our direction. definitely. >> reporter: now, the mood signals a renewed emphasis on cruise ships in the bay area. cruise lynns are -- lines are listening. princess lines has pledged to base a cruise ship here year- aren't. coming back out live -- year round. coming out back live, this is the view for the passengers. for now, they are using pier 35. the terminal is set to open for passengers in spring of 2014. for now we're live here in san francisco, christien kafton, cut cut -- ktvu channel 2
7:41 am
news. contractors for the america's cup owe backpay. last-minute negotiations over the america's cup world series may be to blame. the final list of jobs requiring a prevailing wage was not decided until after the 2012 events were held. that means those workers that were supposed to be paid $64 an hour, were paid $9. the prevailing wage is an hourly union rate and the cost of benefits. right now, sal, you have your traffic spotlight on the peninsula. what's happening there, sal? >> that's right. we've had the crash in half moon bay. a crash in half moon bay is on highway 29 at -- highway 92 at 1. this crash has been there for going on two hours. from upper skyline to the main part of half moon bay.
7:42 am
92 is not available right now, it's causing some chain reaction slowdowns as people use alternative routes. i want to mention the traffic between 92 and pacifica is about 25 minutes there. okay. i think we're going over to the east bay here. i want to mention -- 580 is just a mess. it's slow from grantline road to 680. 45-minute drive there. it's pretty slow. let's take a look at at live pictures. 25 to 45-minute delay. it's worse than it normally is getting into san francisco. on the south bay commute, this is actually looking good in san jose along northbound 280. here's rosemary. good-looking day. i'm noticing here and you will as well, we have a little bit of fog developing, just inside the coastline and bay. the north side, dealing with a little bit of patchy dense fog.
7:43 am
so santa rosa, petaluma, novato, visibility is still down .25 in some areas. take it easy out there, especially if it's patchy in nature. you may have a great view and it will suddenly have a big wall to it. be careful out there. ridge of high pressure will remain in place for the week ahead. areas in washington will the only area to get rain. we'll see a few high clouds drift overhead with this flow. the high pressure will continue to bring us north, northwest, northeasterly at times. but the winds are so light that our westerly breeze, our onshore griese, allowed to creep in at times and that's what's bridging us the moist flow and bringing us that little bit of fog. we can expect that through the morning hours. ridge of high pressure not only warming us up but the flow is a sinking air. so that sinking air associated with the ridge coming closer to
7:44 am
the ground. patchy dense fog made a possibility today, tomorrow maybe wednesday. the warming trend will continue into wednesday. i think wednesday will be the warmest. right now 46 degrees in oakland, still a chilly one outside your door. santa rosa, napa, fairfield. we'll see for the morning, we'll begin to get a rebound in the next hour. 73 for santa rosa. 67 in berkeley. mid-60s san francisco, upper 60s to near 70 for the east bayshoreline. 71 san jose, a minor warmup over yesterday's highs. there's your extended forecast, warming up into wednesday. we remain above average. we are dry. your weekend in view, upper 60s to near 70s. our insufficient rainfall totals thus far are growing worse. more -- coming up. thousands of san jose workers are getting a pay raise
7:45 am
today. however, why the pay increase is raising troubling questions about poverty in silicon valley. if the tsa wants to make things easier for passengers, let them start with things like this -- shampoo, toothpaste which drives passengers crazy. please.
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gains on the dow pushing the index a series of all-time highs. shares in europe were weighed down by the struggling economy.
7:48 am
the dow is down just a fraction right now, 14,397. it's turned back into positive territory. the nasdaq down 5. s&p down 2. the bay area real estate market is bouncing back but that's making it harder for buyers to find a home. it's not just -- it's not just here. a new report shows nationwide people looking to buy a home have fewer options than a year ago. new homes are not being built fast enough to meet the demand. the labor department says the average work workweek increased slightly last month which could be a good sign for the economy. the average workweek was 34.5 hours in february which is close to where it was when the economy peaked in 2006. it could be a sign of new jobs son the way because employees can only extend the workweek so much until they -- until they
7:49 am
have to start hiring. starting today, it pays more to work -- to work in one south bay city literally. maureen naylor has more. >> starting today, the minimum wage in san jose jumps from $8 to $10. labor groups applaud the move. some business owners say it hurt theirs bottom line and consumers may end up paying more. this all started with san jose residents who got the measure on the bal lott last year. some workers are excited and they will be able to go off food stamps. some say this will mean cutting back on workers' hours and limiting payroll. >> everything affects from bread going up, flour going up, minimum wage going up. it affects our bottom line and the number of employees we can hire. >> the city of san jose will
7:50 am
have to pay an extra $30,000 more a year because of this change. san jose joined other cities -- now, the san jose business association which opposed the increase has since joined and is encouraging workers to spend that extra money in san jose. both organizations have an event planned about two hours from now. live in the newsroom, maureen naylor, back to you. today, facebook's chief operating officer releases her new book, encouraging the voice of women in the workplace. despite criticism, she's too successful to lead a movement, she's hoping her book will spur
7:51 am
action and push women to be leaders. proceeds go to her nonprofit organization, three former world leaders are urging the u.s. to seriously consider legalizing marijuana. the former presidents of brazil, colombia and switzerland say the recent approval of the recreational use of marijuana in washington and colorado has sparked anger in some latin-american countries. that's because the u.s. continues to press latin- america countries to enforce anti-ing traing laws. anti-trafficking laws. japan is marking the second anniversary of the deadly earthquake and tsunami. memorial services were held in tokyo on the northeastern coast. they coincided with the exact
7:52 am
moment the 9.0 quick. the quake was followed by a massive tampa and ultimate meltdown of a nuclear power plant -- tsunami and ultimate meltdown of a nuclear power plant. the government plans to spend about $270 billion to rebuild. the north korean army has declared the 1953 arm mistress agreement that ended the korean -- armistress agreement that ended ended war. paul ryan will introduce legislation this week to repeal healthcare. otherwise known as macare.
7:53 am
-- otherwise known as obamacare. >> his plan would give payments to senior citizens and critics say senior citizens would be stuck with the shortfall. lawmakers as well as airlines are calling on the tsa to reverse a decision that allows small knives on planes. passengers can carry small pocketknives and golf clubs own planes starting april 25th. the tsa says that will allow screeners to focus on high priority threats like explosives. lawmakers say this is not the time to reduce vigilance at those checkpoints. >> let the tsa start with shampoo, hair cream,
7:54 am
toothpaste, those things, that drive passengers crazy. pocketknives have been banded as carry-on items since the attacks on september 11th. nine minutes before 8:00. gun ownership in the u.s., the surprising results of a new study showing the percentage of gun owners in the u.s. over the last 40 years. a very unusual vehicle was found at the scene of a deadly shooting in oakland.
7:55 am
♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
7:56 am
♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, ♪,. >> i don't want to die! >> with the click of the heels, a lot of moviegoers were off to see "the wizard of oz" movie.
7:57 am
it raked in $83 million in over the weekend. a national -- new national survey shows the percentage of american households with guns has declined over the last 40 years. according to the general social survey, the household gun ownership rate has fallen from an average of 50% in the '70s to 49% in the 80s. 43% in the ate 90s and in 2012 -- and in the '90s, and in 2012, it was 34%. a deadly shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. at 9th and clay streets. police are investigating whether the 37-year-old victim got into a fight with the suspects before the shooting. they say the victim may have been driving an aston martin a half-mile away from the
7:58 am
shooting scene. >> we just need more police presence here. that's what i wish for. more police presence, but it's -- it seems that they do the best they can. >> the shooting happened just four blocks away from police headquarters in downtown oakland. 7:55. let's bring sal back. everyone behaving at the toll plaza. there is a big crowd there. westbound, the crowd is going to be there. it's pretty slow. you can see the traffic is slowing down coming through. so this is more like a 30 to 35- minute delay. it's approaching just much heavier than normal. normally, we have 20, 25 minutes. we're a little bit more backed up than unusual trying to get into san francisco this morning. let's take a look at when we have on 880 northbound. a lot of slow traffic there. you can see just traffic is moving along pretty well. this is a look at half moon bay
7:59 am
now, still closed, 92 between 35 upper skyline and highway 1 because of a major injury crash and pacifica traffic very slow now. people on highway 1 obviously trying to get out of half moon bay, putting a lot of extra pressure on the roads. warmer weather on the way. in fact, don't be surprised if you are turning on the ac in your car by the afternoon. widespread low 70s for tomorrow of your warmer spots. we're waking up with patchy fog around the bay area. 30s to low to mid-40s. we're beginning to rebound now that the sun has been up for almost 20 minutes or so. temperatures warming a few des over yesterday. the extended -- degrees -- the -- few degrees over yesterdayed. the extended, and since the season began, 76% of normal. san jose, 73% of normal. a dry forecast all the way
8:00 am
through the weekend these numbers will continue to drop off. temperatures in the mid-70s by wednesday. mid- to upper 70s perhaps and wednesday will be the warmest day. thursday, friday, saturday, notice a bit of a cooling trend if we call it that. temperatures will bea twin to drop off -- will begin to drop off. upper 60s to near 70 for the afternoon. it's been chilly. not so bad, low 40s as we start the mornings saturday and sunday. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. 7:57. a delta flight goes off the runway in texas. what we're learning about a take-off that did not go as planned this morning. police haven't seen anything like it in their careers. what happened at a san francisco b.a.r.t. elevator shaft that left one man dead. and a homicide investigation is underway in this san jose neighborhood after a man was found shot to death in the middle of the street. we'll tell you what police are saying at this point about the victim and the search for the shooter when "mornings on 2"
8:01 am
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that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today.
8:03 am
a passenger riding at the montgomery station heard a terrifying scream and tara moriarty has been on this story since 4:30 this morning. you are back with how the man's body was found and how police officers are reacting to this. >> reporter: police say they hadn't seen anything like it in their crease, a gruesome discovery underneath where we're standing here at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station. we're off market street and earlier this morning, we actually went down into the area and saw the elevator boarded up. it's not in service until further notice. this all unfolded around 9:30 last night. police and fire crews responded to reports of a person stuck in an elevator shaft and the witness told police that he was going from the muni level up a floor when he heard the most awful crunching noise and aian yelp. a man slipped from the top of the elevator car and fell down the shaft. >> he wasn't moving.
8:04 am
it was probably four minutes after 10:00 p.m. that the fire department determined that the man was deceased and they commenced the process of trying to remove his body from the elevator shaft. they managed -- >> reporter: police found bedding and personal belongings on top of that elevator car. they believe they belong to the man who has homeless and sleeping there. they don't know how long or even how they got there to begin with. they spotted a video camera that may provide police with you clues. for now, they are knock -- police with crews. for now, they are not taking any chances. there are a lot of panels and hidden doors to find places to sleep. the victim's name has not been released. police are not releasing any information right now and we'll let you know if that changes. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. two minutes after 8:00, developing news out of san jose
8:05 am
where detectives are investigating the city's 9th homicide this year. a man was found shot to death on murtha drive and capital avenue near capital expressway. that's where alex savidge has been gathering details since 5:30. he joins us live. good morning, alex. >> reporter: officers spent the morning knocking on doors trying to find any witnesses that they possibly can to this killing. police are not releasing any sort of description on the shooter they are searching for. you can see the street still blocked off. an active crime scene. we just saw the coroner go up. they are getting set to remove this man's body. a neighbor spotted him as she was leaving for work, around 4:30 this morning. he was found on murtha drive, off capital avenue. police say the man was shot in the chess. he's 30, hispanic. investigators do believe he lives in this area. while police can't say why this victim was targeted, neighbors did report an argument or a fight of some kind that
8:06 am
happened around 2:00 this morning in this area. investigators believe it's possibly connected to the homicide. >> i believe there was a fight, a verbal fight around 2:00 this morning. we are not sure on that. when homicide detectives get here we'll have more of a clearer understanding of what happened. >> reporter: so far the victim's identity has not been released. this is san jose's ninth killing so far this year. this is murtha drive, still blocked off with crime scene tape. we are a watching at this point, the coroner is on scene. they are getting set to remove this man's body. he was found shot to death. police are still searching for the killer. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:04. new this morning, no one was hurt when a delta connection flight went off the runway at a
8:07 am
small airport in houston, texas. we're told the knit was taking off for atlanta when -- flight was taking off for atlanta when the pilot got stuck in the grass. 70 passengers were on board. they are being put on other flights this morning. police say a speeding suv that killed six teenagerrers in ohio was taken without permission -- teenagers in ohio was taken without permission. the driver is alexus cason and police say she was driving too fast and lost control. >> people need to be responsible when they get in the vehicle. >> don't nobody want to lose their kid. don't nobody want to lose their kid. they haven't had a chance to live life yet. >> police are looking into whether alcohol may have played a role in the crash. sal is back.
8:08 am
the latest on what's been happening on half moon bay this morning. that's right. it's been pretty slow there because of that crash, dave and tori. highway 92 and highway 1 closed from the upper skyline down to the main part of half moon bay, you can see a lot more people on highway 1. it's just turned into a mess getting out of the montera area, all the way up into pacifica to daly city. that's because people only have one option this morning. they are on highway 1 or -- going up highway 1 or going down highway 1. they cannot use 92 to get over the hill and that means also getting in, which is not the commute direction, but it's been really slow as well trying to get into half moon bay. let's take a look at some of the live pictures. some of the ramps there have looked better. it's about a 15 to 20-minute delay. we also want to mention on the sunol grade. southbound 680 at burnle avenue in pleasanton there is a crash
8:09 am
in the center divide. let's go to rosemary. >> okay. temperatures will soar above the see annal average anywhere from 5 to 10. expect a nice warmup, once again, for your afternoon. a live look at the satellite radar. you can pick out a few high clouds. moving through. this is going to continue as the ridge of high pressure, again, remains over california for several days ahead. the only rain we can see, well to the north over washington. and that's about where it's going to stay. if you look at the cloud formation, you can see how the ridge goes like this. the clockwise flow around it, bringing us north winds, northeast at times. that helps to drive up the temperatures, but the winds are very, very light. we're very calm at this time. what i'm seeing is a very localized onshore breeze. that's allowing the moist, pacific air to pull in enough patchy fog along the coast,
8:10 am
seeing patchy fog in the north bay, along the valley floor. i saw a little patch over san francisco earlier with a live shoot. but this high associated with the air -- the air associated with the high pressure is sinking. what that does, it helps to pin it closer to the ground. so we get patchy dense fog when we get this type of setup. that's what we're seeing this morning. we could see it again tomorrow. 43 in san rafael. 40 in concord. fairfield, 35 has held steady at 35. 34 in santa rosa. a chilly start for you. just 2 degrees above freezing. around the bay, widespread 40s into the afternoon. temperatures heating up. 70 degrees for oakland today. 70 for vallejo. low 70s in concord. santa clara valley, 71 san jose, low 60s at the coast. patchy fog a possibility. we will continue with this mild weather turning warm and the warmest day will be on wednesday. thursday into friday, notice temperatures drop off a little
8:11 am
bit. but still feeling pretty good. you will need the short, flip- flops. upper 60s to near 70 as we get into the weekend with partly cloudy skies. back to the desk. >> all right. 8:08. in overnight news, fire broke out at a residential hotel in san francisco forcing at least two people to jump out of their windows to safety. five people were reported injured after the fire started around 2:45 this morning. 14 people who lived in the hotel must now find a new home. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 8:08. well, today, contra costa county and morago/orinda fire districts will be talking about a new facility they can share in la fayette. the county closed the fire station in la fayette after voters rejected a parcel tax last november. now there is a proposal to sell that fire station and another one in orinda to finance the purchase and construction of a new one. there's no merger agreement yet
8:12 am
to share a new facility but the talks will start today. redwood city may soon do what other cities have done, ban plastic bans. if approved at at -- at the meeting tonight, the ban would begin next month. businesses would have to charge 10 cents a bag. san francisco police have arrested a man accused of stealing a diaper bag from a foster mother. police arrested 59-year-old daniel ripper at a residential hotel on mission street friday morning after reviewing surveillance video of the theft. police say the san francisco mother was at the hall of justice when the bag was stolen. the foster mother is carry fog ar-- carrying for a baby and the baby's mother was allegedly high on cocaine at the time.
8:13 am
if you send or receive a lot of texts, we be a way -- be aware. scam artists are targeting those sending millions of texts every day, that offer free gift cards to major retailers in exchange for personal information. the ftc is trying to crack down done this problem. it's difficult to put an end to the texting scam. the telephone companies have some methods to attempt to block scam text messages but you need to know the number that you want to block. the problem with these scams is that the numbers change so regularly. >> the ftc is charging 29 individuals and companies with sending 180 million unwanted text messages and they want the companies to reimburse consumers. 8:11. today, the oakland zoo will intrope dues its newest edition
8:14 am
three meerkat pups. they are almost six weeks old. the litter is the first successful one of the meerkats in more than a year. they are very fragile. it's common for members of the meerkat group to kill the puppies. >> awfully cute. >> yes. tough relations, the deadly attacks in afghanistan just as defense secretary chuck hagel wraps up a trip there. iran's foreign minister is speaking out about a missing person's case. his thoughts on the whereabouts of a retired fbi agent who has not been seen since 2007. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
8:15 am
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temperatures are rebounding this morning. i'm tracking a warmup for your afternoon. i'll have an extended look at your temperatures -- coming up. last week's storm in the sierra brought big crowds to ski resorts. operators at heavenly got 26 inches of new snow and the slopes were packed. the ski season got off to a good start after the storm in december. but then it was a dry start to the new year. operators are hoping for new snow and more business this month. two american troop, an several afghans are dead after two deadly shootings in afghanistan today. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, officials say one of those shootings was an insider attack. kyla? >> reporter: yeah.
8:18 am
two u.s. troops were killed in today's first shooting that happened at an afghan police station. it's the latest of -- in a series of -- of a series in attack. someone wearing an afghan security forces uniform opened fire. it's not known if that person was was someone just wearing the uniform. a second shooting happened 75 miles away near the capital of kabul. u.s. troops opened fire on a truck approaching a u.s. convoy and was not following instructions. two afghan civilians were killed in that shooting. these shoots happened at chuck hagel left afghanistan. he met with troops over the weekend and also smoothed things over with afghan president hamid karzai. karzai claimed the u.s. is gauche saying with the taliban. >> we did discuss those
8:19 am
comments. i told the president it was not true. >> and i just spoke with the department of defense. the press office says they are not releasing any more details on either of those deadly shootings right now, including how many u.s. troops might have about been injured -- might have been injured in the shooting. the department of defense says they will release names once families are notified. iran's foreign minster says the country is -- the country is ready to cooperate in the case of a missing fbi agent. he disappeared six year ago while traveling to an iranian island as a private investigator. today's iran's foreign minister said previous information says levinson is not in iran but he says the country is ready to clarify how he disappeared. one of the men accused in that december gang-rape and
8:20 am
fatal beating of a woman was found dead. singh was found dead in his jail cell. police say he used his family to hang himself. he was accused of driving the bus where a 23-year-old woman was raped by six men. police say the men beat her and left her on the side of the road. she died two weeks later. the mexican navy said they growed immigrants on their way to the u.s. -- growed immigrants on their -- freed immigrants on their way to mexico. central american immigrants are often targets of kidnaps of extortion and kidnap -- kidnapping and extortion passing through the u.s. jurors have finally reached the verdict in the kwame
8:21 am
kilpatrick juror. jurors convicted him of multiple corruption charges. he's charged with turning mayor's office into a profit machine through rigged the cans and bribes. the 42-year-old -- contracts and bribes. he was -- the 42-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison. some government agencies are no longer issuing cre deb shalls to cover crime scenes, news conferences and other events. officials say the growing blog sites is making it difficult to find out who is a journalist or not. california's agriculture industry facing a labor shortage as farm workers who live in the state now get older and fewer workers come in from mexico to replace them. the california farm bureau
8:22 am
federation says 70% expect a worker shortage starting this spring. now, aging farm workers here in california say their children just are not interested in fieldwork and toughening immigration enforcement means fewer workers coming in from mexico. well, tonight march madness starts for a lot of bay area basketball fans as they get ready for a wcc showdown. the st. mary's gayles face the bulldogs from las vegas. the winner gets an automatic bid in the tournament. the gaels play gonzaga for the 15th season. amber orange scored the winning lay-up with just eight seconds left on the clock.
8:23 am
stanford beat uc. the cardinal could be the number one seed. it is 8:20. in one year, b.a.r.t. experienced more than 500 delays. the main reason behind these holdups. look out the window right now. this is a live picture. more beautiful weather ahead. we can see warmer temperatures in part, of the bay area. meteorologist rosemary orozco's forecast is next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
500 delays in the last year. according to information collected by the san francisco chronicle, most of the delays by b.a.r.t. are -- are caused by the agency is testify. old train, computer problems and mechanical failures. these are responsible for 25% of longer delays. other reasons why medical emergencies, fights and vandalism. gasoline prices have dropped 13 cents in two weeks.
8:27 am
the latest survey puts the national average for a gallon of regular at 3.74. here in the bay area, tear says -- 8:24. let's check in with sal. >> we have good news. >> oh, good. >> highway 92 has reopened, finely, after a two and a half- hour closure, maybe less than that. but it is clop, traffic is still unwind -- open, traffic is still unwinding. bay bridge, that commute is moderate. it's getting a little bit better at the toll plaza, about a 20, 25-minute delay. if you are driving onen the golden gate bridge -- driving on the golden gate bridge, that
8:28 am
drive is good. let's go to rosemary. we're contending with the patchy even patchy fog in the north bay valley. pacifica, half moon bay quite thick. if you are in the north bay, dealing with some of that thick fog. 36 in santa rosa. upper 30s in napa. murder 30s in fair field. 40s around the bay. 46 mountain view, 44 san jose. for the afternoon, it will be all about the warmth. 73 sonoma. 72 today. a beautiful day in oakland, 70 degrees this afternoon. 72 in walnut creek, livermore, 71. down into the santa clara valley, it's gonna be gorgeous. 71 san jose. 70 cupertino. 68 san mateo, mid-60s san francisco. patchy fog along the coast. low 60s for the afternoon. the extended forecast,
8:29 am
temperatures will warm up as we get into tuesday, the warmest day on wednesday, mid- to upper 70s, perhaps the warmest, some of the warmest reads so far this season. maybe for the year. i will have to check on that for you. temperatures will -- actually start to cool a bit, thursday/friday but we stay in the upper 60s to low 70s. overnight lows, becoming moderate. low 40s as we start the day on saturday. dave? >> all right. thank you. 8:26 we're just a day away now from the conclave in rome to elect a new pope. we'll bring you a live report on the final preparations. >> reporter: we're live here in oakland where volunteers are handing out fliers in the search of a missing oakland woman. that's coming up. >> reporter: we'll tell you how san francisco's new cruise ship line is said to be a shot in the arm for the economy -- when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
welcome back. 8:2. happening now -- 8:29. happening now, a search intensifying for a woman missing for four days now. brian flores is at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. you've been out there since early this morning. volunteers have been pass og ut fliers. >> reporter: yeah, they've been out here -- passing out fliers. >> reporter: yeah, they've been out here since 7:00 a.m. these are friends and volunteers trying to find erica maskaleris, in the hopes somebody knows something about her diseastern. this morning -- disappearance. this morning volunteers started
8:33 am
to hand out the fliers. she's described as 5'3", and family and friends held a vigil for her and say her husband recently passed away when she was just starting to rebuild her life. she was last seen around four days ago when she went out for a run. they say she often went with a friend but this time she went by herself. that afternoon she was expected to catch a flight, spend some time with her brother in another date. but when she left that morning around 7:00, she never came back. >> she's my daughter. she's been gone too long. it's -- it frightens me. >> reporter: now, the missing woman's mother, gloria torres, said there's surveillance video of her daughter at a nearby
8:34 am
bakery. we understand that torres plans to hand that video to the oakland police $. one friend of the family says that family is resting arbeing up -- after being unseveral days in a row. we understand say ierica had her bankcard, i.d. and cell phone with her -- erica -- erica had her bankcard, i.d. and cell phone withler when she disappeared -- with her when she disappeared. back to you. >> thank you. on highway 4, near newport drive, about 12:30, there was a fatal accident. all lanes were shut down during the police investigation. police are still trying to fig out what led up to that crash. a new cruise ship terny nal on the -- terminal is not just good news for passengers. christien kafton is live to explain why the new terminal
8:35 am
could create a boom for the city. >> reporter: if you haven't been by the waterfront, you take a look at the progress as the james r. herman terminal. it's really shaping up quite nicely. this will be a state of the art shipping terminal when completed. when deleted, it will allow the biggest ocean liners to include san francisco in their ports of call. it will have plug-in shore power for the ships so they don't have to run their engines while this port. and they will be able to accommodate mega cruise liners with thousands of passengers and more tourists. >> i think it's great with the economickic recovery we're seeing right now. i'm all for it. >> reporter: cruise lines are
8:36 am
listening. prince sense cruise lines have -- princess cruise lines has already pledged to bis a cruise here year round -- to do a cruise here year round. there are already cruise ships using pier 35. the new cruise terminal here is expected to open in spring of 2014. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. mike honda working on new legislation that will affect same-sex couples. according to a ucla study, there are 40,000 same-sex couples here in the u.s. where at least one partner is not a citizen. 25% of those couples live right here in california. as of right now, the government will not allow citizens to sponsor their same-sex partners to get a green card. san jose congressman mike honda
8:37 am
wants to change that. 8:34. happening right now, the cardinals will decide on a successor to pope benedict xvi, they've wrapped up their discussions. vatican officials voted to end their deliberations even though some still wanted to speak. the cardinal electors will resume later. craig boswell has more. good morning. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are about eight hours ahead of you rome time. they wrapped up the pre- conclave meetings. not everyone got to week but during the week of these meetings, everyone did get a chance to speak, some people twice. they did get a lot of these things that they wanted to talk about out of the way. now as you said, the conclave, the big deal where the decisions will be made, the
8:38 am
conclave begins tomorrow. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: there was no blessing for pilgrims to the vatican, the number of tourists to st. peter's square was relatively small as the windows of the papal apartment remain closed. >> translator: it's very different. >> reporter: cardinals took a break to fan out across rome and celebrate sunday mass at local parishes. the clergymen asked the congregations to offer a special pray for their momentous decision ahead. >> let us all pray for the conclave. let's call the holy spirit to descend on the church. >> translator: i ininvite you to pay -- i invite you to pray. >> reporter: many pilgrim hope the process to -- many pilgrims hope the process will move along. >> translator: we hope it will take a really short time, that they find a compromise. >> reporter: the archbishop of
8:39 am
new york, timothy dolan, hints a decision could come sooner than later. >> i think so. a week ago, you would have heard my brother say, we have a lot of work to do but now you see a sense of resignation, trust and faith. >> reporter: everyone wants a quick decision. most people thinking it will be two to three days for this entire conclave to come to a decision. here's how it's gonna plague -- play out -- the cardinals will come into st. peter's basilica for mass. around 4:30 in the afternoon, even, they will move into the sistine capel and begin taking that first vote in the evening. we'll like le know rome time what the results of that first vote will be. whether we'll see white smoke indicating they have chosen a pope. back to you. >> thank you. 8:37. here at home, san francisco's city college approaching a key
8:40 am
deadline in it's fight to keep it's accreditation. college officials have until friday to address all of the rickeddations. a final decision from -- recommendations. a final decision is expected in june. if the school does -- does lose its accreditation, it may be forced to closed. we want to check in with sal. you are looking at your monsters and -- monitors and lights. >> let's go out and i take a look at the commute -- and take a look at the commute. we've seen improvement at the bay bridge. if you want to get into the city, and you have been waiting, well, the wait paid off. now it's about a 15-minute delay. it was 30, 35 minutes almost bordering on 40 minutes.
8:41 am
let's take a lock at the commute in folks -- take a lookant the commute in san francisco -- take a look at the commute in san francisco. we have some slow traffic trying to get out to that lower deck of the bay bridge. this morning, remember, we had the huge problem in half moon bay, where we had a two-hour closure of 92 between skyline and highway 91. that's open but it will be a while before traffic unwide there. the traffic on highway 1 is very slow. 580 in livermore, that's been a huge mess. we had a couple of earlier problems. you need to give yourself extra time. this is your commute. you might want to call the boss and say, you know what. i'm running a little behind. 8:39. let's go to rosemary. spring is in the air. today slightly warmer than yesterday. a live look over oakland. have to point out that flag, hard to see, it's not flapping. we have light winds up higher. right at the surface and that light, light variable wind
8:42 am
helping and allowing some of that fog to actually creep in along the coastline this morning. a very, very weak onshore breeze is what i was seeing it's troped off in the last couple of -- it's dropped off in the last couple of hours. it looks toking foggy and dent. half moon bay. along the valley floor, fog. theidge are of high pressure will remain in place for the week ahead. in addition to bring us -- bringing us the warmest number, the sinking air associated with the system. taking the fog and that's where we get it. we're seeing it. chances are we may see it again tomorrow morning. outside of that, temperatures slowly beginning to rebound. not too bad in oakland right now. 46, 45 in hayward. 44 for san jose, still a bit chilly outside your door in fairfield. 38 in napa, and a chill in the
8:43 am
air remains over santa rosa with the overcast conditions and the bog i-- foggy conditions. low 70s expected in santa rosa as well as napa. 70 for vallejo. a beautiful day, san francisco mid-60s for you. upper 60s to near 70s for the east bayshoreline. 71 pleasanton. 71 in san jose. 68 in santa cruz. do you have the day off? maybe head to santa cruz for the afternoon. the extended forecast, we're turning on the a.c. by the afternoon. temperatures are a little bit warmer today. tomorrow a little bit warmer and the warmest day will be on wednesday. mid- to upper 70s in the forecast. we'll watch the temperatures trail off. thursday, friday and into your weekend, but we do remain dry which means our rainfall becoming quite bleak. we sure could use it. we're not gonna see it in the next several days. low 40s in the forecast for wednesday, thursday and into the weekend as well. 8:41. an assault weapon that was
8:44 am
stolen from san francisco police, how that bold crime is leading to a change of policy. a disturbing incident in san francisco's montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. the frightening end to one passenger's elevator ride. and a man found shot to death on this street in san jose early this morning. it's still an active crime scene out here. we'll tell you what -- tell you what police believe may have led up to this killing when "mornings on 2" continues. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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the stock market is mixed right now in light trading on wall street with no major economic reports out today. last week, of course, the dow posted four days of record highs after blowing past the all-time high on tuesday. it ended up the week 2%. the dow is currently up 9 at 14,406. the nasdaq is down 3. the s&p is flat. police in san jose are trying to figure out if a loud argument led to a shooting death earlier this morning. ktvu's alex savidge was the first reporter at murtha drivant capital avenue -- drive and capital avenue was found shot to death. >> reporter: one neighbor said
8:48 am
she heard gunfire and woke up to find this scene. homicide investigators are still out here several hours later gathering evidence here. this is murtha drive that you are seeing right here that's blocked off by crime scene tape and this is just off capital avenue. the coroner is here on scene an i'm told they have just removed this man's body here. so obviously the investigation, in its final stages right now. this is where the man was found shot to death right in the middle of the street. this discovery was made just before 4:30 when a neighbor who was leaving for work spotted a man lying in the middle of the street there. officers arrived just a few minutes later and then they found this 30-year-old hispanic man with a gunshot wound to his chest. so far, police have not identified the victim or said why he may have been targeted but, of course, this killing worries neighbors, one woman told me she believes she heard a single gunshot. >> i heard a -- like a fire
8:49 am
work or something. you always hear, like, noises. i'm not sure. i just heard one. don't know anything about it. >> reporter: now police believe there could have been a fight of some kind that led up to this shooting. around 2:00 this morning, some neighbors reported there was an argument going on in this area. investigators believe that disturbance could be connected to the homicide. they are obviously gonna look into the connection there. this is san jose's 9th dilling of the year -- ninth killing of the year so far. crime scene investigator, homicide investigators remain at this scene but they did, again, just remove the victim's body a short time ago so things could be wrapping up here. san jose police, at least at this point, have not given out any information osh the shooter they are -- on the shooter they are searching for. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you
8:50 am
right now -- overnight, b.a.r.t. police found the body of a man inside of an elevator shoot at the montgomery street -- shaft at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. they think he was sleeping on top of the car and when when somebody got on the elevator, he was crushed between the elevator and wall. and chuck hagel wrapped up a visit to afghanistan. while he was there, hagel was facing tough negotiations with afghan president, hamid karzai, along with several attacks. some of them deadly targeting both american troops and afghan civilians. and in san jose, the minimum wage goes up today, to $10 an hour. voters approved the increase last november. the new law affects employers that have a business in the city or are subject to the san jose business tax. san francisco police have now millioncies in police after an -- new policies in place after an assault rifle was stolen. according to greg suhr, the
8:51 am
trunks of unmarked police vehicles can no longer be opened from the inside with trunk releases. police say that's what happened when someone smashed a window of an unmarked police car and stole an air-15 assault rifle on march 2nd. the rifle was found two days later at a home in oakland. the central california big cat sanctuary where a woman was killed last week by an african lion, it's back open. yesterday. visitors walked around the cat haven near fresno. that's where a 24-year-old intern was killed last week. her mother wrote a letter saying her daughter would have wanted the sanctuary to reopen and continue its mission to help big cats. employees there at cat haven held a moment of silence in her on who -- her honor. there's new information in the case of the olympic star charged with killing his girlfriend. lawyers for oscar pistorius want a south african court to
8:52 am
make changes in his bail restrictions. they double pistorius is not a flight risk and should be allowed to travel outside of south africa. pistorius said he mistakenly shot and killed his girlfriend last month thinking he was an intruder. but prosecutors think he intentionally killed her after an argument. not all calories are equal when it comes to the risk of diabetes. sugar is directly linked to the disease, according to a new study. for years, researchers thought eating too much of any unhealthy food increased the risk of diabetes. but now scientists say sugar is independently linked to diabetes. for every additional 150 sugar calories per day, the chances of diabetes rose 1%. a new study finds even ancient mummies had clogged arteries. researchers in kansas city say
8:53 am
ct scans of 137 mummies show heart disease has opinion a problem for 4,000 years. a third of the mummies examined had heardenned arteries. that suggests that heart disease may be a natural part of human aging and not solely tied to modern risk factors like smoking, overheating and a lack of exercise. frogs could be giving -- living in your home according to a new report. african dwarf frogs can carry the disease. from 2008 to 2011, an outbreak tied to the frogs sickened nearly 400 people since the frogs can live up to 18 years some linked to the outbreak may still be in u.s. home aquariums. people are advised to wash their hands after touching the frog's water and not let children clean the aquariums. a california breeder was linked to the outbreak. 8:51. this week, president obama is scheduled to make three trips
8:54 am
to capitol hill, meeting with republicans trying to solve the continuing budget battle. the president is still trying to reach a deal to avert $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. last week, the president invited republicans to dinner and to lunch at the white house. >> i think the president is tremendous sincere. i think he would -- tremendously seer. i think he would like to solve -- sincere. i think he would like to solve these problems. >> i think these meetings are, let's get some things done together. >> even though the sequester cuts technically kicked in march 1st, if the president and congress can work out a deal, many cuts can be averted before they take effect. even the popular blue angels are being hit by the cuts. the budget cuts require the u.s. navy to cancel all blue
8:55 am
angels' performances from april 1st to september 30th. sole far the navy has only canceled performances in april hopefully -- so far the navy has only canceled performances in april and right now the show for september has not been canceled -- october has not been canceled. nba commission david stern has said 24-hour fitness founder and billionaire ron berkele must increase their offer to compete with investors from seattle to buy the kings. both sides will meet with stern on april 3rd. nba team owners will decide who wins by april 19th. the 49ers have sold 75% of the seats at the you? santa clara stadium. ticket -- at the stadium in
8:56 am
santa clara. proceeds will be used to pay back an $850 million loan. the contracts are expected to be approved tomorrow night. a fiery performance on san francisco's embarcadero. the inspiration behind this mechanical octopus and what is gonna happen to it now. and a fire in oakland at a house on hunter court which is in east oakland. we'll tell you more about that and show you a picture that was just tweeted by the firefighters.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
[ cheers ] >> quite a sight. crowds in san francisco enjoyed the last fiery flame shooting from this mechanical octopus noon as el pulpo mecanico. yesterday,'s event was the beginning -- yesterday's event was the beginning of the fifth streets and the end of his performance. it's the last time the mechanical octopus will wow the crowds. >> i think it's all about doing something you love with people that you love and watching people enjoy it. the enjoyment that comes out of this is stellar. >> el pulpo mecanico is now let broken down and -- will now get broken down and stored au way. they have -- stored away. they


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